mapimageDay 1000. Wow.

I’ve done art everyday for a thousand days. That’s an accomplishment, but it doesn’t feel complete yet.

Partly because I’m not that good a creator on my own, and partly to become a better creator on my own, #art365 and #art1k were meant to be noteworthy at the very least because of their size, if nothing else – practice & trial & error & winging¬†things & failing & having no ideas & still getting it done. And I’m not saying that’s the only reason it’s good, if it’s good. Just that at the beginning of these projects, the idea was to make something big, nothing else.

The first project motto was badly Google translated latin “an art a day keeps the voices at bay”, a joking reference to one of the major reasons for that project, self-care. I needed to bring art back into my life, and I needed to see the progression of time away from a wound. The second motto was “it may not be great art, but there’s a great deal of it”, emphasizing the size of what I was doing. I feel like I’ve achieved that size goal. At 1000 days in a row the size is inarguable.

The scope is pretty inarguable too. From Vancouver to Halifax, from Gjoa Haven, Nunavut to Detroit, Michigan and 5 more states & provinces as well, 30+ cities, 40,000km in the air and another 40,000km on the ground, this project has a massive geographic and, well, carbon footprint as well. There are photos of 3 different oceans in here!

But… I don’t feel like I’m done. In small pieces I’ve been trying to find a writing voice. A few experiments with video. A few musical mixes. These were avenues I have wanted to explore further.

So at day 1000 of an #art1k project, what to do?

Well, I’m going to keep going.

I’m going to try to apply the some of the same style of unflinching production timelines to these specific pursuits. Next week, after iScotch’s 300th post, I’m switching publication day to Saturdays – iScotch Saturdays. Because alliteration. And also because alliteration, I’m going to try and do weekly writing with Fiction Fridays. I’ll be mining the stories you’ve read in so far and continuing them, dropping a new scene or chapter every week.

If I can keep up the pace, I may add Music Mondays and a video day each week as well. And I want to do more in depth photosets to showcase studies in subjects.

Doing art everyday has made it necessary for me to do art everyday, but the people who look at the site really help justify it to myself too. Seeing the visitor numbers tick up everyday is a good sense of the wind in your hair. So thanks for sticking around and I aim to make it more worthwhile as we go. You can still expect some single photo days, lots and lots I imagine. But starting in December, remember:

Fiction Fridays, iScotch Saturdays.

As always, thanks for looking in. Hopefully a new theme tomorrow!

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