Happy Leap Day! Or if you didn’t know that, Happy March First and good luck squaring your calendar, friend.

Taking this moment to think about the spaces in between things. Why the picture above? If I’m not mistaken that thick middle cloud is the result of air masses rubbing against each other fairly amicably. I mean, I think that’s what that is, I’m not a meteorologist. Or a meaty urologist, either.

I have been listening to The Elegant Universe audiobook in the car. Thoughts of quantum foam and the spaces in between things that are themselves mostly spaces between tiny things, likes atoms and their electrons or spaces to change lanes. Thinking about that truck in the other lane as simply a collection of tiny things, things that science tells us we can’t ever actually touch because of the way field mechanics work. Quite unnerving when you realize that cloud of subatomic particles of varying density, charge and spin is trying to merge into you. Two objects can’t occupy the same space at the same time, right? But after listening to this book I’m not even sure what space or time are anymore, damnit.

So strange to try to draw a line from the bottom with tiny strings to quarks to protons to molecules to cells to animals, through humans and consciousness and all our nonsense, on to planets and moons and stars to solar systems to clusters to galaxies to universes. But in some way, the same rules that explain planetary orbital mechanics explain subatomic composition, or fibreoptic network optimization, or human thought; we just haven’t built the framework to see it yet. That’s something I believe.

This day is sort of a moment between things in relation to this art project as well. Yesterday was the third February 28th of this project. Tomorrow is the fourth March 1st. But today is the first February 29th in all three projects. One weird extra day in our calendar. A track 99 bonus (if you get that, congrats, you’re a specific amount of old).

This time tomorrow, on to year 4.