Five years, one week and a day ago I started this project. I was visiting my family in British Columbia and my sister and I had spent the afternoon wandering around the Vancouver Art Gallery. Despite being a musician for most of my early life I hadn’t performed in a long time and was feeling the lack of artistic self-expression. Wandering around the gallery reminded me of how big art is, how anything approached with consideration can be art. And that it’s important to display work, masterpieces and works-in-progress. It helps other people as much as it helps the artist.

Anyway, with so-close-but-not-quite perfect timing, I find myself back in Vancouver at this time of year. Takashi Murakami’s The Octopus Eats Its Own Leg is on at the gallery, which must be seen. As a congratulations to myself, so full of ego am i, I have hung Day 1835b – Planet Art, a Mirrorlab’d projection of the Vancouver Art Gallery, in the Vancouver Art Gallery…’s bathroom. Complete with Artist Tag card, because why the hell not, I paid my admission.

So get to the Vancouver Art Gallery as soon as you can, to check out Murakami’s amazing graffiti and of course my masterpiece hanging with honour in the throne room.

With apologies to the Vancouver Art Gallery & Takashi Murakami.