Welcome to the future. The future is Spaceboat.

If you follow the /blog #everydayart project you know a while back I started posting some pictures under Consolidated Spaceboat, a fictional starship manufacturer I came up with. After doing that for a few months, I have enough content to launch a new vertical, http://ConsolidatedSpaceboat.ca (and the .com of course). I’ll continue to cross post stuff from cs to /blog like I used to with iScotch and like I still do with StillwellGray.ca, and as I figure out how to put more in it, I will. I may transition some of my writing on /blog to cs if it seems like a more appropriate venue.

Anyway, I did this for myself, as my 41st bday present. I’ve been writing what amounts to fake spacefaring ad copy all day, and developing some depth and consistency in how the site is presented (WordPress is still a fuck tho).

So please check it out and enjoy!